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Bomb Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP)

The Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP), a counter-terrorism risk management bombing prevention program focusing on restricting access by malicious actors to explosive precursor chemicals, explosive powders, exploding target materials, associated components, and delivery methods. BMAP is most effective during the terrorist attack cycle's planning phase. The two focus areas of BMAP are the acquisition of materials and bomb-building stages. In addition, BMAP conducts outreach, training and awareness with the private and public sector stakeholders, which increases awareness of those everyday products that terrorists and criminals can use to make a bomb or other dangerous explosive mixtures and/or device.

National Program Goals

  • Restrict access by malicious actors to bomb-making materials (BMM) and explosive precursor chemicals (EPC) used to manufacture homemade explosive (HME) and destructive devices.
  • Provide early detection of the sale of HME precursor chemicals and BMM to suspect individuals.
  • Prevent diversion and theft of HME precursor chemicals and BMM by malicious actors.
  • Build a network of vigilant and informed partners who serve as the Nation's Counter-IED (eyes-and-ears) as the first line of defense in providing early detection of potential terrorist attacks and criminal activity.

Program Pillars

  • Operation Flashpoint 
  • Corporate Outreach
  • Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Engagement
  • International Outreach and Collaboration


Program Benefits

  • Strengthens prevention and mitigation opportunities
  • Increases BMM awareness for communities
  • Enhances public/private partnerships
  • Increases private sector point-of-sale awareness
  • Improves first responders and emergency servces BMM awareness
  • Increases identification of suspicious activity and purchasing behavior
  • Improves recognition and reporting to appropriate officials
  • Promotes community-based outreach
  • Provides free, secure access to training, videos and awareness materials
  • Provides reporting mechanisms to track and measure success

Operation Flashpoint

CISA and FBI partnership designed to promote voluntary reporting of suspicious activity through outreach and awareness programs to private sector and public safety stakeholders in order to prevent acquisition of Explosive Precursor Chemicals for nefarious use.

Increase the awareness of businesses that sell EPCs, explosive powders, and other BMM on the risks and how they can voluntarily contribute to security.

BMAP Videos

Training and Education is Key to Early Detection

CISA provides training and materials to participating partners and certifies them as community liaisons (CL).  The program has web-based training that can be accessed though the FEMA Center For Domestic Preparedness (CDP) at . 

Reporting Suspicious Activity and Purchasing Behavior is Key to Prevention

Employees, and the public, play a critical role in helping safeguard their communities by reporting potential bomb-making activities. It is imperative that the public recognize the signs of bomb making in their community. The importance of educating employees at the point-of-sale cannot be overstated, as this is the best way to ensure early detection of the sale of precursor chemicals, powders, and IED components to suspect individuals. An employees' ability to recognize and report behaviors indicative of potential homemade explosives related activity is crucial to the possible prevention of an IED attack, a criminal act, or a dangerous experiment. 

To report suspicious activity, call 1-855-TELL FBI (1-855-835-5324) or contact your local law enforcement