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TRIPwire Resources

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Explosive Profiles

The Explosive Profiles pages provide an overview, analysis, and trends, associated images, and when available, relevant threat source material. Related content is provided for each Explosive Profile for ease of navigation and information gathering. Explosive Profiles provide in-depth information about significant incidents involving IEDs, explosives, precursor materials, homemade explosives (HME), actual devices, and device components.


OBP Event Map

The OBP Event Map is an interactive mapping tool which provides a monthly release of various OBP Program Events. Please log in and contact the Regional Training Coordinator listed for details about the OBP events listed.


Domestic IED Incident Map

The Domestic IED Incident Map is a monthly-updated product which compiles data on explosive-related incidents through the U.S. and utilizes a mapping system to provide an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) map with pins which correspond with domestic incidents. The user can search incidents within their community which have occurred since 2011. The mapping feature can geolocate IED-related events to a high degree of precision, often within tens of meters.



The Glossary contains an alphabetical list of terms and brief definitions common to IED incidents.


TRIPwire Library

The TRIPwire Library contains a collection of documents including partner documents, threat source documents, and reports. TRIPwire-published documents include Weekly, Monthly, and Annual reports, and downloadable training materials.


TRIPwire Reports

TRIPwire Reports include original content such as: Annual, Monthly, and Weekly open source IED reports; regional reports; awareness products; translated threat- and open source documents.


TRIPwire Video Library

The TRIPwire Video Library contains a collection of videos pulled directly from websites, blogs, and other media sites. As needed the videos are pulled from threat sources and translated for TRIPwire user consumption.


What’s New

TRIPwire monitors domestic and international news sources to provide brief and relevant IED incident related reporting to users. What’s New significant incidents are updated throughout the day.