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CISA Tabletop Exercises Packages

CISA Tabletop Exercises Packages

Each package is customizable and includes template exercise objectives, scenarios, and discussion questions as well as a collection of references and resources. The links below will take you to variety of CTEP with an IED threat nexus. There are also CTEPs that are geared towards specific industries or facilities to allow for discussion of their unique needs.
SectorSituation manualScenario
Chemical SectorChemical Sector IEDIED
Chemical SectorChemical Sector VBIEDVBIED
Chemical SectorChemical Sector Active ThreatActive Shooter / IED
Commercial FacilitiesCruise Ship IncidentUAS / IED
Defense Industrial BaseDefense Industrial BaseVBIED
TransportationFreight RailCyber / IED / HazMat
Commercial FacilitiesGaming IndustryActive Shooter / IED
EducationHigher Education IED ThreatIED Threat
Healthcare & Public HealthHPH Suicide BomberSuicide Bomber (IED)
Healthcare & Public HealthHPH Suspicious PackageSuspicious Package
Healthcare & Public HealthHPH VBIEDVBIED
Commercial FacilitiesLarge Box StoreActive Shooter / IED
TransportationMaritime Domestic TerrorDomestic Terror / IED
TransportationMJIED BridgeIED
Commercial FacilitiesMusic Festival Bombing - VideoComplex Coordinated Attack (IED)
Government FacilitiesNational Monuments & IconsVBIED
Commercial FacilitiesOutdoor Events Active Assailant IEDIED / Vehicle Ramming / Active Shooter
Commercial FacilitiesOutdoor Events-Active ShooterIED Threat / Vehicle Ramming / Active Shooter
Commercial FacilitiesOutdoor Events-Edged WeaponIED Threat / Vehicle Ramming / Edged Weapon
Commercial FacilitiesOutdoor Events-HostageIED Threat / Vehicle Ramming / Active Shooter / Hostage Situation
Commercial FacilitiesOutdoor Events-VBIED & HostageVBIED / Vehicle Ramming / Active Shooter / Hostage Situation
TransportationsUAS / IED AirportsUAS / IED
GeneralUAS IED - CombinedIED
GeneralUAS IED - NefariousIED
GeneralUAS IED - Non-nefariousIED
GeneralInterfaith Community - VIDEOCyber; Vehicle Ramming; Active Shooter; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; VBIED Threat
DamsMJIED Dam DeviceIED
Commercial FacilitiesMJIED Expo CenterIED
Government FacilitiesGovernment Facilities IEDIED / VBIED
TransportationMJIED Port AuthorityIED
TransportationMJIED Bus StationIED
TransportationHighway VBIED / Active ShooterVBIED / Active Shooter
TransportationHighway VBIED / HostageVBEID / Active Shooter / Hostage
TransportationHighway VBIEDVBIED / Active Shooter / Hostage / IED
TransportationHighway VBIED / HAZMATVBIED / HAZMAT
Commercial FacilitiesMotor Sports / NASCARVBIED / Active Shooter / IED

CTEP Documents

CTEP documentation allows users to leverage pre-built templates to develop a full understanding of roles and responsibilities for exercise planners, facilitators / evaluators, and participants. Additionally, the documentation includes templates for the initial invitation to participants, a slide deck to use for both planning meetings and conduct, a feedback form to distribute to participants post-exercise, and an After-Action Report. In conjunction with selecting one of the above situation manuals, your exercise planning team will be able to fully develop your own tabletop exercise and update information sharing processes; emergency response protocols; and recovery plans, policies, and procedures.

CTEP Monthly Webinars

CISA Tabletop Exercise Package (CTEP) Workshop is an one hour session designed to assist and educate stakeholders from all professional backgrounds and exercise experience on what the CTEP is and how to use it. The Workshop will provide an overview of included exercise documents, guidance on selecting the right Situation Manual to best suit your needs, best practices and tips for conducting an exercise for your organization or stakeholders, and an open forum to answer any exercise related questions our partners may have.