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Bomb Threats

Gain insight into how to plan for, assess, and respond to bomb threats at your facility.

Bomb Threat Assessment for Decision Makers Course (AWR-945) Introduces the participant to types of threats, the threat assessment process, and the implementation of a Bomb Threat Management (BTM) plan.
Bomb Threat Management Planning Course (MGT-451) Provides participants foundational knowledge of the DHS risk management process and bomb threat management planning. It gives participants the opportunity to apply this knowledge to develop a bomb threat management plan.
IED Search Procedures Course (PER-339) Introduces participants to basic, low-risk search protocols. It provides participants with information to create a facility or special event search plan and allows them to preform IED searches of a facility, an area, and a route.
Bomb Threat Preparedness and Response Course (AWR-903) Provides participants with interactive exercises and case histories of what happened during bombing incidents to familiarize participants with the steps necessary to prepare for and respond to a bomb threat.