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Explosive Blast Modeling Program

CISA’s Office for Bombing Prevention’s Technical Assistance Branch offers an Explosive Blast Modeling Program which uses current blast modeling technologies and tools to provide physics-based, 3D modeling for anti-terrorism and force protection against IED attacks.  Assessments can be conducted on existing critical infrastructure facilities or open-air special events such as parades, concerts, or other large gatherings. These assessments help identify and visualize gaps in the existing access and standoff allowed at venues, critical infrastructure facilities, and special events.

EBM Process

An EBM project typically starts with a virtual coordination call between relevant stakeholders and security planners such as facility owner/operators, CISA Protective Security Advisors (PSA), bomb squad and local police personnel.  Following the virtual coordination and travel planning, the team will travel to the site and collect relevant measurements and data to support the modeling phase of the process.  After data collection is complete, the modeling phase consists of recreating the facility using building component specifications.  Threat scenarios are considered from the facility operator’s and PSA’s concerns, as well as, from observations made from the EBM team.  Those threat scenarios are evaluated against the building in a virtual model an relevant outputs are briefed in a PowerPoint or a report format.  

Some items that can benefit the modeling process are:

  • As-built drawings
  • Floor plan with over dimensions of building
  • Elevation drawing including height dimensions
  • Window schedule detailing location, width, height, thickness and type of glass
  • Wall schedule including interior and exterior wall materials and thicknesses

EBM Results

The EBM program use current blast codes and building codes and other analysis to generate accurate results on the facilities assessed.   EBM results can help a facility owner or event security planner visualize structural effects of a building to better understand the standoff required or visualize the effects against a crowded area to help with medical mitigation and planning efforts.

Specific reports can be generated for planning purposes such as

  • Skull Fracture
  • Eardrum rupture
  • Lung Collapse
  • Fragmentation probability
  • Peak overpressure
  • Shock impulse

Contact Information

To request more information about the EBM Program or to schedule a briefing for you or your stakeholders, please contact sends e-mail).