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Protective Measures

Determine best practices to identify risks and vulnerabilities to mitigate Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threats to critical infrastructure.

IED Explosive Effects and Mitigation Course (AWR-337) Introduces the effects of an explosive detonation and details the difference between blast, thermal/incendiary, and fragmentation effects, and describes the consequences on various targets.
Protective Measures Awareness Course (AWR-340) Introduces how to identify and mitigate facility security gaps. It provides an overview of risks, the DHS Risk Management Process, and types of protective measures, and considerations for selecting protective measures to mitigate risk.
Protective Measures Course (PER-336) Provides participants the foundational knowledge to identify risks and vulnerabilities to a facility, venue, or event and identify various types of protective measures to mitigate an IED threat. 
VBIED Detection Course (PER-312) Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to inspect for, identify, and/or respond to vehicle-borne explosive threats successfully and safely.