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IED Awareness

Explore general Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and bombing prevention awareness information.

HME and Precursor Awareness Course (AWR-338) Provides foundational knowledge on HME and common precursor materials. Participants will define HME and learn to identify common precursor chemicals and materials used to make HME.
IED Construction and Classification Course (AWR-333) Provides an overview of the various components required for IED production and is designed to provide foundational knowledge about the construction and classification of IEDs.
IED Explosive Effects and Mitigation Course (AWR-337) Introduces the effects of an explosive detonation and details the difference between blast, thermal/incendiary, and fragmentation effects, and describes the consequences on various targets.
Bombing Prevention Awareness Course (AWR-348) Provides participants knowledge of general bombing prevention measures that aid in mitigating the impact of a bombing incident.
IED Search Procedures Course (PER-339) Introduces participants to basic, low-risk search protocols. It provides participants with information to create a facility or special event search plan and allows them to preform IED searches of a facility, an area, and a route.
VBIED Detection Course (PER-312) Provides participants with the knowledge and skills to inspect for, identify, and/or respond to vehicle-borne explosive threats successfully and safely.
HME and Precursor Awareness for Public Safety Course (AWR-349) Provides participants with a foundational understanding of HME and common precursor materials.
IED Awareness and Safety Procedures Course (AWR-341) Designed to provide foundational knowledge about IEDs and proper safety precautions and procedures for reacting and responding to unattended and suspicious items.